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I think students in middle school should start learning about politics. Politics are usually hard for beginners. In my opinion, politics are hard to understand. I do not understand much about politics; I only know a little bit about voting, protests, democrats, and the government. Personally, I would like to know more about politics. I think I am aware of the political issues in the country I live in.

I think schools are offering enough education in general, but people are uneducated about politics. Politics will be really important in the future. Right now there is a lot of political issues around the world. Many countries are having political issues because of COVID-19. A lot of people are protesting because they don’t like the rules or the way politicians are handling the situation.

I think that people are uninformed/uneducated on the topics of politics, especially when it comes to the average citizen/student. Mostly getting information from friends or family members, both of which aren’t a reliable source of information.

Only a small fraction of the people that vote actually attend public speeches, and even a smaller fraction of people even fund these kinds of political organizations. Usually, people vote off a certain opinion or a bias, which can lead to major issues, corrupt governments, because they would just vote from what they heard from a friend or a relative.

Political knowledge is important nearly everywhere it is, important when voting for a president or a political group. If people were more educated on the topic of politics many countries would have better leaders. Overall I think we should implement the study of politics into late middle school till the end of high school as this would help the structure of a country in the long term.

( Karina)

I think that having political knowledge is key to live in a better, more structured society. Considering the large role Politics has across the world affecting the lives of everyone on a nearly daily basis. Is worrying to me the idea of knowing our governments and leaders are being chosen somewhat randomly with people not thinking of the future consequences that might bring.

I believe this is what maintains many countries unsatisfied with their leaders, by making an uninformed decision when they vote, considering they don’t realise they made the wrong choice until it has become too late. I personally don’t know much about politics as I never really was involved or had any sort of knowledge regarding politics which makes me usually uninterested in the subject as I don’t understand many aspects of it.

Outside the current COVID-19 situation I’m not aware of any political issues in the country I currently live in, neither do I have much knowledge about the politics and the political situation of my birth country.I find this troubling as very soon I will have to step up in the important political activity of voting, with the small knowledge of politics I posses I do not feel prepared to for when that moment comes as many other teenagers.

As a student I think politics is a much needed course, considering it is something I would eventually have to get involved with once I become an adult. I would like to have a Politics course, that way I would have the capacity to make informed decisions regarding political activities and disputes. Overall being engaged with politics would benefit young generations in the future and improve society.

How do you think people within a community could become more involved with local and state politics? Express your opinion and start the conversation below.

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