Device are important and effective but only if they are used right and efficiently


By Samuel Jánošík, Lulu Alzahrani, and Zora Navračičová 


There are numerous examples of why technological requirements are important in our education and could change our lives in many different ways. We chose the two examples that explain why it would affect your tuition. We also found the possible solution of how to solve the disadvantages and problems of the technological requirements and show you how it could improve your studying. 

Cons of technological equipments 


When students have their devices in front of them all day, they might get tempted to play games. This causes them to get distracted easily and it becomes hard to focus on schoolwork, leading to bad performance or grade. It’s not easy for teachers to always be checking on their students to see if they are doing what they’re supposed to, because they have to teach and give their attention to students who need help with something. Most of the time teachers trust their  students that they’re doing their work, so it’s not necessary to check on them all the time. It is also easy to quickly exit a tab or application, so they don’t notice. This problem could be fixed by blocking certain websites, but that only works if the student is connected to the school’s wifi.


In the past, cheating was mostly just looking over at someone else’s answer or having cheat sheets. However, cheating has evolved due to technology and it has become way easier and more common. Students have full access to their devices so it’s not hard for them to google answers or (if they have access to their phone) text someone during the test. If the device is small, teachers may not be able to see it. 

Students get tempted to cheat when they have a busy schedule, didn’t have enough time to study/weren’t motivated to study or they have a pop quiz that they weren’t expecting, so they choose an easy way of getting a good grade. To solve this, teachers could stop giving pop quizzes so their students aren’t stressed out and have time to study. They could also check more thoroughly if any students are cheating. 

Students Using social Media 

One of the biggest distractions is social media. People always feel tempted to check it and it can get addicting. Anyone can make an account. Instead of students doing their work at school they find it more entertaining to browse through social media. You can also never know what the student is doing. They could be dealing with cyberbullying, searching inappropriate things, talking to strangers or just getting preoccupied with other people’s lives. When students focus on social media rather than the schoolwork they get distracted easily and stop listening or paying attention to the teacher, this leads to bad grades and effort. 

Again, a solution to this issue is that the school could block certain websites so they’re not accessible through the WiFi but this wouldn’t stop the students from going on social media apps through their phone. 

Network overload

The most common problem, related to internet connection at schools, is when many people are working on it, which causes the wifi to be overloaded. The solution for this issue may be that schools have better networks that can handle a lot of user traffic. Only students, teachers and staff must have access to the school’s wifi by having assigned unique individual passwords. The login password will be tied to the device individually. 

Essentially, each school should have an IT administrator who would establish the infrastructure, control the traffic on the school network and who would protect it from hackers and other external people from slowing it down. The ways in which this can be done are offered by various software programs, which are currently being used by public institutions or universities. Schools can simply inspire. Another problem is when technology fails. There may be two solutions either the IT department will create a backup wifi system that will be possible to turn on as soon as the original wifi source fails. Another option is installation of optical fiber cable outlets into each classroom or office.

Expensive devices

Some people cannot afford technologies because it is expensive. A solution for that is in order to motivate schools to introduce digital resources into their teaching, the government must support individual schools with a financial contribution for the purchase of electronics, which the school can rent for students who cannot buy it from their own resources. By this system, we would be able to ensure that no one will be excluded from teaching, and at the same time we will ensure that all schools and all students have access to the same level of education, and it will also help to support digital literacy. 

Another solution for this is that some big technological companies could support schools by selling them devices from the previous season (at cheaper price). Basically, it would be a system that finds purpose to devices that customers are not that eager to purchase anymore because the company has introduced new versions of them. This kind initiative is already applied by Apple in the U.S. In particular, they donated an iPad to every student, a Mac and iPad to every teacher, and an Apple TV to every classroom. Such corporate – public partnership of selling obsolete products to schools could be negotiated by the Ministry of education, so the whole national school system can benefit.

Pros of technological equipments   

This paragraph is basically just an addition to our essay. It’s just showing why technology supports and helps learning in the schools.

The use of technological devices that we used in our class for example tablets, mobile phones,  interactive boards, and computers, and the application they support, will help students to be prepared for their future careers. This not only makes them prepared but also more efficient than when would they begin to understand the application of the device in their future jobs. Learning on the technological device gives a push to our life and kinda guides students to sufficient and more productive lives. 

Technological requirements makes students more responsible for owning them and using them. It provides the student with the opportunity to improve their decision-making skills as well as taking ownership of a valuable device. Since they started utilizing the equipment in the schools. They began to understand why they would value the things that they thought were just toys or had no ideas that they were contributing to their daily lives. 

The Technological equipment adapts the learning knowledge. Learners have bunches of incredible access to new opportunities. They could learn how to coder or how to better collaborate across teams and the Teacher drives them to be more creative and more connected. This could make lots of students get more into technology and maybe in the future, they could create a new technological device or application that could help around the world . Also they stay in this technological sphere where they would give interest to the new products. 

Better Education


By Arshia Kahani

Education, the art of giving and receiving systematic instructions and information. The ability to teach someone something useful, something they could hopefully use later on in their lives, and to use what you taught them for their personal benefit–that’s what the entire world’s education system is based off of, but is this what truly happens? In my opinion, no, but does my opinion mean anything? Maybe not, but this is an opinion article after all so i guess my opinions are worth at least a little bit.

What we are learning about now, am I going to use all of it in the future? Will I ever use all those sine, cosine, tan that I spent hours memorizing? Well if i want to become a mathematician sure, but even then there’s a perfectly functional calculator at my disposal and I think these are things that should be taught in universities for the people who chose to learn them. Leading off of that I think highschool is a missed opportunity. I think that high school is an opportunity to teach the kids about life itself and truly useful tools we could use in life, tools that make us better, stronger, more successful and wise.Tell you what, I will make a list of the four most important things that I think should be taught in High school but aren’t.

1- Mental Health, nowadays schools are putting a lot of their attention and budgets on activities that benefit their students physical health and I think that is amazing, but there’s another side to health which is equally as important, that being mental health. As the increased suicide rates show, mental health in students is becoming worse and worse and I think that schools are responsible for it. I also think by putting a program teaching students about Stress management skills, symptoms of depression and addiction, and just learning how to have an open conversation about how our mental state is could make a huge difference in our education systems.

2- Finance, in my opinion after mental health this is the most important thing they could be teaching us in highschool. Ok so imagine you finish school and you get a job, you’re on your own after that, you don’t know anything about credit cards and how faulty they can be or saving, interest rates, investing your money in the right places, taxes and how to manage debt; you will be overwhelmed by all of this, so by teaching just a little bit of these stuff in school they are doing us a huge favor for our future to come.

3- Living sustainably, we live in a pretty scary era where global warming, climate change and melting glaciers are our problems. We need to start making a change in the way we live, since that option is highly unlikely let’s start teaching our next generations to live sustainably in order for them and the human kind to survive it’s not gonna be simple but it’s sure as sh#! necessary.

4- Sociology and Relationships, ok I’m gonna make this one super short, just teach people how to behave around others, show them how to have healthy relationships not only with their significant other but with everyone from Garry the janitor to Jeff their boss.

This was my list of the four most important things we should learn in school. This is an opinion article, so it relies heavily on my personal opinion, but I really wanna know about what else you guys think should be added to our education system, let me know by leaving a comment in the websites comment section, thanks for reading.



By Jiaying Jin and Tymur Pugovkin

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